Making and Sharing Comics

I have always loved reading comic books and I made a few comic strips when I was a kid.


Back in 1997 I got interested in Microsoft Agent [1]; and learned how to make my own characters. I created an animated robotic honey bee that I named BeeBot. I saw MS-Agent as a way to create animated stories.

I knew I needed a website to showcase MS-Agent and the characters and scripts I had worked on. I also learned how to make 3-D animations.

Making Movies

During the 2000’s I took every TV making class that our local public cable access offered. I wrote a script for a movie and I hoped to produce it.

But after spending a Summer helping a friend make a movie, I realized that you need lots of people to make movies. So I started looking at other ways to tell a story.

That’s when I looked into comics again.

BeeBot.com has always been about virtual publishing.

— Ted Bergeron

I realized making comic books is a great way to tell a story. It is something I could do on my own without involving a bunch of people.

1. Microsoft Agent was not included in Windows 7 and is no longer supported.