Monster Truck

3:00 pm

We went into a Taco Bell today for lunch. After placing our order with the inept order entry person, we sat down. Soon our number was called; "Number 176!" I went to get our order. The guy asked, "Hot, mild, or fire sauce?" I said "No". The next guy in line said yes to the question but I couldn’t see what he got. I’m assuming some of each! So why don’t they say it in order? Like mild, hot, or fire sauce? Or why not an acronym? Like HMF Sauce? I won’t be back for a long time.

The home depot incident

2:13 pm

We went to Home Depot to have a piece of MDF (Med. Density Fiberboard) cut. My wife wanted to make shelves out of it. The piece was 4' x 3.5'. If cut on the 4' side, there would be 3 shevlves 16" deep. The first cut was perfect. Then the second cut. The guy took it out of the saw. "Whoops, wrong black line". My jaw dropped. What did he mean, 'whoops'? He cut it at 18". I was speechless. He quickly suggested cutting 2" off the big piece, so I agreed.

He made the cut fast before I could say anything more, threw the wood on my cart and skated away very quickly. I’m sure he could tell by the color on my face I was not okay. I was sick. I was shocked and mad, but what could I do? What an idiot! Was all I could think. I figuered I should try to see the humor in it, if any. I couldn’t exactly glue it back together!

3:05 pm

Here is the Monster Truck were behind at Taco Bell

Monster Truck